For Patients - Dr. Matthew Kienstra, MD

Computer Imaging

Communication between you and your surgeon is the most important part of the facial plastic surgery center consultation process that takes place at our Springfield, Missouri, office.

Dr. Kienstra uses a digital imaging system to take photographs that may help you understand and visualize possible results that can be achieved with facial plastic surgery.

When we present you with the images of your simulated results, we ask that you please take this opportunity to study these images and ask questions. The images are used only as a tool to help both you and your surgeon communicate possibilities and expectations. We will always present a natural image (not an idealized image) of what is possible with facial plastic surgery.

Computer imaging does have its limitations. Above all, a digital image should not be taken as an implied promise that your surgeon will make you look exactly the way you do in the image. The computer images presented by your surgeon during your facial plastic surgery consultation are a simulation only and not a guarantee of results.