“If it doesn’t look natural, it doesn’t look good.”


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SmartLaser Lift combines new laser technology with tried-and-true techniques to give Dr. Keith LaFerriere’s patients long-lasting, natural-looking results…faster. And SmartLaser Lift is available in Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri from a respected board-certified facial plastic surgeon!

Smart Laser Lift

What SmartLaser Lift technology means for you and your face:

  • The SmartLaser Lift procedure takes less time.
  • SmartLaser Lift involves less trauma to delicate skin and muscle tissue.
  • With SmartLaser Lift, less trauma to delicate tissue means less swelling and bruising and less downtime.
  • Less downtime means quicker return to normal routine following SmartLaser Lift.
  • SmartLaser Lift stimulates collagen growth for added smoothing and firming effects over time.
  • You will enjoy long-lasting, natural-looking results with SmartLaser Lift.


SmartLaser Lift gives REAL results to REAL people in Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas!

  • Learn about the facial refinement experience by viewing Peggy’s video diary of her journey to facial rejuvenation with SmartLaser Lift.
  • See Faye’s results and listen to her SmartLaser Lift story.


Are you considering a facelift, lower facelift, necklift, or laser facelift in Southwest Missouri?

SmartLaser Lift is conveniently available in Springfield, MO from Dr. Keith LaFerriere, a respected board-certified facial plastic surgeon.

Are you considering a facelift, lower facelift, necklift, or laser facelift in a community in Northwestern Arkansas, including Bentonville and Fayetteville? For your convenience, a SmartLaser Lift consultation can be scheduled for Dr. LaFerriere’s office in Rogers Arkansas.


Is SmartLaser Lift right for YOU?

A consultation with Dr. Keith LaFerriere in either his Springfield, Missouri or Rogers, Arkansas office is the only way to know for certain what type of results you can expect from SmartLaser Lift, but you can evaluate your feelings and attitudes about facial rejuvenation by clicking here to take this quiz.


One size does NOT fit all!

Your SmartLaser Lift will be customized to meet your needs.

Visit the SmartLaser Lift website and watch our SmartLaser Lift patient video diaries!